Kat Rees,  —

Kat attended the University of Nevada, Reno, and graduated in 2015 with a bachelors in speech pathology. She suffered from Cushing’s syndrome throughout college and became free of it in 2015. Her ambition is to raise awareness of this illness and help others gain confidence in taking charge of their health.

Articles by Kat Rees

My Emotional Struggles with Cushing’s Brought Dark Days

During the years I dealt with Cushing’s disease symptoms, I increasingly became unlike myself. Before that, although I had always been shy, I usually felt comfortable around my closest friends and family. While I generally had been a quiet person, I also was bubbly at times, and I was…

How Cushing’s Syndrome Changed My Social Life

I started developing Cushing’s syndrome at a very young age, though I wasn’t diagnosed until age 22. My doctor believes the tumor in my adrenal gland began growing when I was a child. I had common Cushing’s symptoms when I was 10, but no weight gain. I’ve…