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Study Identifies Mutations Responsible for Food-induced Cushing’s

Mutations in the KDM1A gene are responsible for the development of a rare, food-dependent form of Cushing’s syndrome, according to a recent study. “In general, rare diseases are generally underdiagnosed in clinics,” Isabelle Bourdeau, MD, the study’s co-author, said in a press release. “By identifying this new gene, we…

Oral ACTH Blocker Safely Reduces Cortisol, Early Data Show

CRN04894, a first-in-class, investigational oral medication to treat Cushing’s disease, demonstrated pharmacologic proof-of-concept with a dose-dependent suppression of cortisol, according to data from a Phase 1 study. CRN04894, developed by Crinetics Pharmaceuticals, is designed to block the interaction (antagonist) between the MC2R receptor, found specifically on the…

Some Pituitary Tumors May Increase Risk of Relapse After Surgery

A type of tumor in the brain’s pituitary gland, which causes Cushing’s disease, has been found to be more invasive, and its presence lowers the likelihood of remission following surgery. According to scientists, these study findings support the need to identify types of pituitary tumors to minimize post-surgical relapse.