Looking Forward to Better Health and a New Me in the New Year

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The new year will soon be upon us, providing another opportunity for growth, change, and advancement. This has been a year of consistency and demonstration for me. I did not start the year where I wanted to be, but I am finishing it exactly where I am supposed to be.

My mental and physical health continue to improve. If I had been asked in 2015 where I would be and what I would be doing after being diagnosed with a pituitary tumor, I could not have given an honest answer. Even after having transsphenoidal surgery and Gamma Knife surgery, which were successful, I didn’t know what to expect. Testosterone replacement therapy was not successful for me, and that caused me to feel a little bit of frustration and to lose focus.

Now, I am not in the best shape yet, but I am experiencing much better health as a result of the lifestyle changes I have made. My overall sense of well-being is getting better by the day. Situations that were tough before are no longer a challenge, and my overall approach to life has improved.

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As for my career, I am in the best position I have ever been in. The work I do truly humbles me and allows me to make a difference in the lives of others. Being able to financially support my family is big, especially because of the sacrifices my wife has made. I could not have asked for a better life partner than Alisha. The encouragement, patience, and selfless and unconditional love she has displayed over the last six years have been instrumental in getting me to where I am today. What I was unable to see, she saw — and she believed and stood firm in it, even when I struggled or had doubts.

There are so many people dealing with Cushing’s disease and pituitary and adrenal gland issues who may feel helpless and believe their lives will not improve. I am here to say that it is not true. If we compare ourselves to the way we were before our symptoms or diagnosis, then yes, we are going to be disappointed, because nothing about us will be the same again. I firmly believe any type of trauma can lead to change. We will no longer have some things, but that doesn’t mean we will not live a meaningful life, or that we can’t thrive.

This upcoming year, we should all expect to live our best life. Expect progress. Expect great health.


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