Slow-healing wounds from Cushing’s disease require extra care

Cuts and bruises can lead to long-term scarring for this columnist

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Slow-healing wounds have been one of the worst symptoms of Cushing’s disease for me. The situation hasn’t improved, even with medication.

Every time I get a cut, bruise, or burn, it seems to linger forever. I have a scar from a minor burn on my finger that happened nearly a year ago. It’s incredibly frustrating, and it’s taken me a long time to adjust.

Cuts require an immense amount of extra care. I have to be proactive; I can’t just let them heal on their own. Otherwise, the cut will scar and remain on my body forever. I have thin skin and can easily hurt myself, so learning how to do basic first aid has been hugely beneficial.

Taking care of wounds

When I hurt myself, I make sure to care for the wound right away. I start by using a wound wash to clean it out. If the cut is deep, I follow up with hydrogen peroxide. Next, I use Neosporin and a Band-Aid. If the problem is more of a bruise, I ice it immediately and continue for 24 hours.

The main thing I’ve had to realize is that humans make mistakes all the time. Cutting yourself while shaving the wrong way or burning yourself on the stove are common injuries. But I have to take these mishaps seriously because my body doesn’t heal as others do. I treat every mark on my body like it’s a big deal, which has helped to reduce scarring.

Yet many of my cuts and burns scar no matter what I do, so I use aloe on the burns and anti-scarring gel on long-lasting scars. I also moisturize and use coconut butter on my skin as much as possible.

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Piercings and tattoos

Considering my wounds heal so slowly, people are often surprised to learn that I have tattoos and piercings. I can have these body modifications; I just have to be smart about it.

Piercings are surprisingly worse than tattoos, mostly because it’s a hole in my body. I expect mine to take up to three times as long to heal as someone else’s. I have an industrial piercing that’s been there for eight months and is still angry with me. I nurse it, use a saline rinse, clean it, and try to leave it alone as much as possible.

For my tattoos, I use Hustle Butter during healing and afterward. I also wait longer than most people do to submerge my body in water after getting a tattoo; it’s how I avoid getting infections.

Overall, I’ve accepted that my skin is a little different from other people’s. I have bumps, squiggly lines, purple discoloration, and scars galore, but it’s my skin. I love it because it shows my story, and more importantly, my strength. I care for it as much as I can, get adorable Band-Aids, and embrace that different doesn’t necessarily mean bad.

You can also follow my journey on TikTok and YouTube.

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I am looking for doctor recommendations in Queens or long island who is versed in Cushing Syndrome. Can anyone recommend someone please?


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