In the Madness, There Can Be Beauty

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March Madness is the time of year for sports fans and nonsports fans to get together and watch the magic take place. Pools are created at work, some with small, friendly wagers and others with a more hefty prize for the winner. As for the basketball tournament itself, this is where players get the opportunity to live in immortality based on a play or a game. This is the national stage on which NCAA legends are made.

What does Cushing’s disease have to do with this? There is a compelling argument that these journeys have similar elements.

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The first would be heartbreak. Unfortunately, there is a lot of this in basketball, just as in our Cushing’s journeys. The hard work, tears, sweat, and sacrifices are poured into season after season, all while keeping up and maintaining other aspects of our personal lives. So when moments come that would appear to be failure after all the effort put in, it can be a letdown when we don’t see the immediate success we desire.

The second similarity has to do with the Cinderella team, or the surprise team of the tournament — the one that not only defies, but also defeats the odds. If you are like me, you can closely relate to this. I love taking on the underdog role, and when dealing with this disease, I find myself in this position quite often. I love to prove doctors and naysayers wrong, not for my ego, but to be the example that no matter where you come from, no matter what the size of your bank account is, you can never measure the heart of a fighter. Everyone who steps into this arena has a fighting chance.

Finally, there is no individual champion; it is all about the team. No one can win alone; we are not built that way. Yes, there are individual accolades, but overall it’s a collective effort. The support comes from a variety of people who all play key roles in the success. This is important for us with Cushing’s as well. Just as a team cannot thrive with negative support or coverage, neither can we. There cannot be a lack of confidence, a lack of belief, or negative influences on or around the team if there is to be a success.

So as you can see, sometimes in the madness, there is beauty. Will you have to fight, grind, and make sacrifices to find it? Yes, but there will be no better feeling than being able to look back at the gantlet you had to go through and say, “I made it.”

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