How pregnancy made me realize the depth of my medical trauma

Emotional scarring from Cushing’s disease wasn’t something I predicted, but everywhere I turn, I discover residual feelings from that experience. I’m 13 weeks postpartum with my first baby, and I hadn’t realized until I gave birth the extent of emotional and psychological turmoil Cushing’s put me through before…

My 5 summer symptoms of Cushing’s, and the ways I cope

I’m not sure if this experience is universal, but my Cushing’s disease symptoms change with the weather. Maybe I’m not so alone in that; Georgetown University Medical System, for instance, lists heat and cold intolerance among possible symptoms. I’ve learned over the years to manage most of these…

Coming out (again) as queer, disabled, and proud

Summer is a time of celebration and contemplation for me. June is LGBTQIA+ Pride month, and July is Disability Pride Month. These are two identities I’m proud of, two communities I love dearly, but being queer and disabled has made my life very different from what I expected.