How My Brain Tumors Changed My Perspective on Life

Years ago, the sunrise didn’t have any meaning for me. Stars were merely decoration for the sky. “There’s always tomorrow” was the mindset I used to excuse procrastination and mistakes. Raised voices and the silent treatment seemed like acceptable solutions. Every day, many of us walk around forgetting that we…

Remote Work Benefits My Health and Recovery

In January 2016, I returned to work after having my pituitary tumor removed, through transsphenoidal surgery in November 2015 and a gamma knife procedure a month later. I figured returning to work would be a good distraction as well as a way to test how I was feeling.

Being a Good Example of Leadership

Leadership is very important to me. When I was little, my father taught me that leadership skills can be displayed in many forms. A leader is not always the loudest or the most talented person, and leadership is not about power or being able to control others. How do you…