Remote Work Benefits My Health and Recovery

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In January 2016, I returned to work after having my pituitary tumor removed, through transsphenoidal surgery in November 2015 and a gamma knife procedure a month later. I figured returning to work would be a good distraction as well as a way to test how I was feeling. But I soon realized I wasn’t ready for the type of work I was doing before my procedures, nor did I want to return to it.

In the time that I was off work and recovering, my neurosurgeon made it clear that I shouldn’t return to a highly stressful environment. I applied for a case manager position with a major insurance company, which would allow me to work from home.

Initially, I thought this would be great, but I didn’t realize all the job required me to do. Yes, I was working from home, which essentially became my office. But I was still having to travel to four counties to see people. Two out of five days, though, I was home, which helped me during the recovery process. Still, I wasn’t seeing all the possible benefits of working from home.

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Now I’m in a new role, and things have changed. I do experience all the benefits of remote work, and here’s what I’ve taken away from it.

First, there’s flexibility. Being able to control my schedule is essential. I am a huge self-care advocate, and I am constantly adjusting my schedule to fit in time for that. I also appreciate the flexibility to work in quiet surroundings. Being able to work in a calm and soothing environment helps to keep my stress levels low.

Sometimes working in a fast-paced environment with other people is not always the best place for someone dealing with Cushing’s disease. Stress levels increase, and if the work involves physical activity, that can be challenging, too.

Along with flexibility, there is comfort. There are days when you won’t feel well, and you aren’t going to feel like getting up and dressing. You certainly aren’t going to like driving in morning traffic and having to muscle through the day. Working remotely will not exactly make you feel better, but in most cases, you won’t have to battle traffic, and you won’t have to spend a good amount of energy getting yourself together. On those days when you’re not feeling well, take a little more time to rest.

Lastly, remote work allows you to develop a routine. For the past four years, I’ve been on the same routine that is specific to me and keeps me focused and efficient, even if there are little adjustments along the way.

The past couple years have seen business models change to incorporate remote work. There’s a position for everyone and every skill set. If you are struggling with going into an office or no longer feel like you can perform at your current position, check with your company about the possibility of remote work — or look into a new company offering this type of environment. It may make a difference.

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Candy S

Thank you Paris, your article really resonates with me. It has also helped me realise I need to advocate for myself so working remotely is a more positive experience for me


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