Newly Diagnosed: Treatment Strategies for Cushing's

Treatments for Cushing’s disease include surgery to remove the pituitary tumor or adrenal glands, radiation therapy, and a variety of medications that can lower cortisol levels or block  its effects on the body. Scroll down to learn more about how Cushing’s is treated and find more information on experimental therapies currently in the pipeline.

Approved Treatments

The first choice of treatment for Cushing’s disease is to surgically remove the pituitary tumor via a transsphenoidal adenomectomy. Second-choice options include removing the adrenal glands, destroying tumor cells with radiation therapy, and using medications to lower cortisol levels or block cortisol’s effects in the body. To learn more about the ways in which Cushing’s is currently treated, click the links below.

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Experimental Treatments

In cases of Cushing’s disease where doctors are not able to completely remove the pituitary tumor or for patients who can’t have surgery, medications may be needed to control cortisol levels. To learn more about some of the investigational therapies in development for Cushing’s, click the links below.

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