How I used the internet to figure out I had a rare disease

Online research helped a columnist receive a Cushing's disease diagnosis

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by Jessica Bracy |

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The internet has proven to be one of the most fundamental tools I have utilized while navigating my Cushing’s disease journey.

My body felt off, and I didn’t understand why. In the most traditional fashion, I presented my symptoms to many different doctors, who all brushed me off. This made me realize that I had to figure out what was wrong on my own. No, I do not hold a medical degree. Yet what I do hold is a fierce determination to figure out what was wrong, research skills (thanks, graduate school), and my strong drive to find a solution. The internet allowed me to do that.

How it all began

In 2020, I started developing a multitude of symptoms. The first thing I noticed was that I was gaining weight. My bones ached in a way they never had in the past. My skin was breaking out in cystic acne far more frequently than it did before.

Brain fog became noticeable, and I was experiencing fatigue that never seemed to let up. My legs felt like they had bricks attached to them when I exercised. My anxiety flared randomly, and I would panic about minor inconveniences that happened in my life.

My stomach developed purple marks, and I watched as my face grew rounder by the day. I also noticed a fat pad develop on the base of my neck. I later found out that this was called a buffalo hump. Although these were not all the symptoms I experienced, they were the ones that stood out.

My primary care doctor didn’t seem concerned about all of this, pointing to the nationwide obesity epidemic as a possible cause. I’m not sure if the doctor believed me when I said I was eating 1,700 calories a day and doing five high-intensity interval training workouts a week.

Things just weren’t adding up. I’d never had this much difficulty losing weight in the past.

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Turning to the internet for answers

When my symptoms didn’t let up and doctors couldn’t offer answers, I turned to the internet. I went straight to Google and typed, “Reasons for inability to lose weight.” Several responses appeared, but the one that surprised me the most was “Cushing’s disease.” I read more about it online.

At first, I didn’t think it was the cause of all the symptoms I had. But as I continued to read, joined a Cushing’s support group, and saw further disease progression, this idea became much more plausible.

When I finally met with a renowned endocrinologist who specializes in Cushing’s treatment, I felt instantly validated. He listened to me and recognized the symptoms. He believed Cushing’s was what my body was suffering from. After a lot of testing and two MRIs, my biochemical evidence pointed toward Cushing’s. This led me to a neurosurgeon to discuss and receive treatment.

Without the internet, I don’t think I would’ve received a diagnosis and treatment as quickly as I did. In addition to doing hours of research, I also had to act as my own advocate throughout this journey. Having a rare disease can prove to be very difficult at times, but having the right tools to navigate the journey can make it feel more bearable.

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Sal Hussian

Jessica, your story is similar to mine. I used the internet to enter symptoms (hairloss, etc) and finally located Cushings. I realized that I had so many symptoms that I had just chalked up to aging. It took me 7 years to "find" Cushings and I remember being so thrilled to finally have a name for my symptoms. I had successful pituitary surgery in 2015.
Take Care - Sal

Jessica Bracy avatar

Jessica Bracy

Im so happy to hear that, Sal! Success stories are always a joy to hear!


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